Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25: Driver for Wii impressions

I got my hands on an early copy of Driver: Parallel Lines for Wii. I have been playing it for a few hours now and thought I would tell you how it controls. Thats always the most exciting part with these ps2 ports.

While in the car everything is controlled with the nunchuck. You steer with the analog stick, accelerate with the Z button, break with the C botton and use the handbreak by pulling nunchuck upwards, much like you would in real life. This all works well even if it feels a little weird at first to be controlling everything with just one hand.

There is a reason for this however. At any time you can lean out of the window by pushing the A button. You can then freely aim using the wiimotes IR capabilities. This works great and is by far better then using an analog stick. Aiming using the wiimote works even better while you are on foot. You pull your gun with the A button and then you can aim the same way as you could in the Godfather only it works much better here. You simply aim at what you want to shoot at and turn by moving the cursor towards the edge of the screen. Its not at all as slow as in the Godfather and there is no doubt here that these controls are better then the standard GTA style targeting.

While driving without your gun drawn you can control the camera by pushing the B trigger and moving the cursor to any side of the screen. This works pretty well but I cant really imagine you ever needing to move the camera while driving. The camera is controlled the same way on foot only then you dont have to push the B trigger, you only move the cursor towards the edge of the screen. This works almost as well as an analog stick and is compleatly acceptabel.

Overall I would say that the controls work very well and makes the game more fun to play. Even if driver isnt the best game ever made it might be worth picking up only because of the excellent controls.