Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23: OMG someone passed me in Puzzle League!

When I got back from my midsummer celebrations I booted up my DS to play a quick game of Puzzle League. I took a look at the rankings and saw that someone had bumped me down to second place. Not only that, the guy had twice as many wins as I did. So im now playing Puzzle League like a mad man trying to catch up. Its only 10 hours left until the rankings for this week end so I dont have much time to pass him. Metal Gear is going to have to wait, I have to beat this guy.

Edit: Im once again no.1 on the rankings in Puzzle League, I just passed my new found rival. In about 4 hours the rankings will be reset and I am going to have to fight to keep that spot but for now im at the top and it feels great.