Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21: Even more Spiderman 3

Today I played even more Spiderman 3. The game still sucks as a game but as a webslinging simulator its kinda fun, at least for an old Spiderman fan like myself. I figured out how you can slightly aim the web by moving the wiimote/nunchuck in different directions while shooting web. This helped me control spidey a little better but I still crash in to walls quite often.

Mostly I played the Metal Gear Solid remake. Im loving it but i will write more once I beat it, which should be soon since I have a feeling that Im close to the end. I also played a bit more Puzzle League and Im still addicted to that game. There has showed up another challenger that shares my birthday so I will have to make sure to win some more games so that he doesnt pass me in the rankings. I have a solid lead so far but that could change fast.

Im going away for midsummer celebrations tomorrow so I probably wont be playing any games for day or two. Once I get back plan to beat Metal Gear Solid so I will be writing some more about that then. I am really looking forward to the release of the wiimake of Resident Evil 4 coming out next week here in Europe. I will see if I cant get my hands on an early copy of that, either way I will write about it as soon as I get a chance to play it. Im also curious about the wiimake of Scarface thats coming out the same day as Resident Evil. I will try that out too and see how well the controls work. I never played the original but I am a fan of the movie so it will be fun to try out.

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