Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 19 part 4: Planet Puzzle League

Whats the best puzzle game ever made? Its a tight race between the three classics; Tetris, Panel de Pon and Puyo Pop. Its hard for me to decide but I would say that Panel de Pon is a little bit better then the other two. If you havent heard of it before its probably because the series out side of Japan has gone by other names. First it was called Tetris Attack, back when Tetris was ruling the world. Then it became Pokémon Puzzle League, this time attached it to Nintendo's new money maker. Now days its just Puzzle League and the newest version for Nintendo's dual screen goes by the name of Planet Puzzle League.

Its the best version of the game by far thanks to added touch screen and wifi functionality. You can still use the good old d-pad to move around the blocks but the new touch screen controls are a definitive upgrade once you get used to them. It gives you an added speed that makes the old controls feel dated.

The other great thing about the DS version of the best puzzle game ever made is its online mode. Puzzle League is the most fun in multiplayer so this mode is God sent. You have the option to play either unranked or ranked matches. But here Nintendos quirkiness comes in to play, instead of the usual rankings you are only ranked against people who have he same birthday as you. I was at first very exited abut this idea since it narrows down the competition so that you have a shot at the top spots. This excitement ended when I found out that I was the only ranked player with my birthday. Another player soon showed up but he was never a match for me. Maybe ranking you against players from the week you were born would have been better because right now there arent enough people playing for the rankings to work. Never the less the online play is a blast and makes me come back to this game.

My only complaint is the look of the game. It doesnt look bad but Nintendo have tried to position this as an adult title to appeal to the touch generation gamers. I would have paid extra to have some classic Nintendo skins in there. How about a Yoshi Island style skin? I would kill for that.
But thats not enough to stop me from falling head over heels in love with this game. I see blocks every where I go. The blocks even show up in my dreams and I wake up wanting to play Puzzle League first thing in the morning. I have been playing this excessively for the past week and I dont see me stopping anytime soon.

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