Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 19 part 3: Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is another PSP port for the Wii. A very bad trend for a console that is supposed to be part of the next generation. But if there is a PSP game that you would think would work well on Wii its Mercury Meltdown. Its a puzzle game where you tilt the level to guide a blob of mercury to its destination. This is of course very well suited for the Wii's controller. Unfortunately the controller is held like a NES controller and not remote style like Wii's two other world tilting games. Monkey Ball and Kororimpa which both use the control exceptionally well. Considering how the camera is positioned this might be better for Mercury Meltdown but for someone like me who worships the Wii version of Mokey Ball its a letdown.

In the game you have to guide a blob of liquid metal through various mazes. Splitting it up in to several parts and changing its color to advance. I can see how people can find this puzzle like gameplay interesting but it really didnt appeal to me. If the control was as comfortable as in its level tilting competitors on Wii I would probably have kept on playing (I did get a 100% in Kororimpa a game that was pretty much only fun because of its control mechanism) but instead I put it way after not even finishing the first world. Maybe I will go back to it some day but probably not.

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olivia said...

Metal through a maze- sounds like electronics.