Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 19 part 1: Spiderman 3

Today has been a day full of gaming. Most of my attention has been directed to my Wii on which I have been trying out 3 new games. I have also played a little bit of DS, Im going to save that for later but believe me when I say that Im definitely saving the best for last.

First out is Spiderman 3 for the Wii, a game that has been sitting on my shelf since it came out along with the movie. And I probably should have left it there since the game is close to a disaster. Its pretty clear to me that the game isnt done and was pushed out to be out in time for the movie. Nothing seems to work very well and that which does isnt much fun. Lets go through the games faults one by one.

First the graphics which might be one of the best things about the game but thats not to say that they are good. Barely decent is how I would describe them, everything looks very bland and there is very variation. Most everything looks the same and the world itself feels very lifeless, which is never a good thing in a sandbox game like Spiderman 3. The only thing that I liked about the graphics is Spiderman himself , he has the typical shiny next-gen look. You know the one where it looks like there is a spotlight pointed right at the object. The funny thing is that he has that shiny look to him even when he is in a dark room, which happens to be where the game starts out.

Whats much worse is the sound especially the dialog. Tobey Maguire does his own voice which could have been a cool thing but instead it turns out that he is the worst voice actor ever. It sounds like someone gave him a piece of paper to read off of in the elevator on his way to work. There is no enthusiasm and it just sounds very much like someone reading from piece of paper. There is also an annoying narrator who makes lame jokes and has really long lines. In the tutorial when you are about to learn how to crawl on walls you have already crawled all the way from point A to point B before he is even halfway in his long monologue on wall climbing.

The fighting in the game is done by waggling the remote back and forth Zelda style. Only in Zelda it makes sense since you are fighting using a sword. Moving the remote right and left doesnt simulate a fistfight as well. I didnt do much fighting during my playtime but the little that I did was more the enough to make me bored of it. The only fighting I did do was during the tutorial which I wasnt able to finish. Not because I didnt to or because it was too hard, no it was because the game simply wouldnt let me. It turns out the game is so buggy that even the tutorial is broken. A part of the tutorial required me to swing trough a series of blue rings, the problem is that one of the rings refused to register that i passed through it. Even when i repeatedly swung back and forth through it for about two minutes. Even restarting the mission didnt help, maybe restarting the game would have but I really didnt feel like doing that. Instead I went on exploring the city.

Which leads me to my next point, the webslinging. Which was the reason I wanted to play this game from the start. The only modern Spiderman game that I have played before this one is Ultimate Spiderman, A game that mostly sucked but had a very fun webslinging. In the Wii game it is actually somewhat interesting. You use the wiimote to control Spidermans right arm and the nunchuck to control his left. By moving one part of the controller and pushing its trigger button you shoot a web. So in this aspect the wiimote really contributes to the experience. The problem is the game itself. The way spiderman chooses the targets for his web is far from as smart as in Ultimate Spiderman and I often found myself slammed face first in to a wall.

So the game sucked, dont buy it. If only the webslinging was smarter I could have had some fun with it but now I will probably never pick it up again.

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